Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Join In

Read 1Cor. 14:12

Very short. What do you think it means?

My take:
It's talking about creating a vibrant parish community. Some people (not you, dear reader) complain that St. Mary's is cold and unwelcoming. The answer to that is to join, help out, create something. Look around and see what you think St. Mary's needs. What do you hear complaints about the most? What can you do to help fix that situation?

More choir members? A chant group?

Does the Word of God seem lackluster? Use your talent and be a lector!

Do Fr. Brian or Fr. Frank's homilies not touch you? Establish a relationship with them and give them some suggestions. (How else does one know that something is lacking?)

Would you like to help refurbish the downstairs into a little meeting area?

Do you complain about the parish's lack of attention to social justice issues and/or community outreach? Volunteer to start a committed group!

Has another parishioner never introduced him or herself to you? Make the first move.

You're obviously involved with Arise. How about joining the Team, and/or leading a group? (leave a comment)

Use your gifts to build up St. Mary's, i.e., 1Cor. 14:12.

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