Sunday, October 11, 2009

Put Downs

This week in Arise we are reading Luke 4:14-22.

Although you who are reading this are not participating in the good fruits of sharing with others in the group, you can do your own meditation and reflection. After reading 4: 14-22 think about the reaction of those in the temple to Jesus' reading.

Now think about our own life. Have you ever been turned down for a job, or a promotion, and been told it was because you didn't have the credentials? Isn't that the response of some of those who heard Jesus give that reading? "Is this not the son of Joseph?"

I hope you eventually proved to those "nay sayers" that you could do better than that job. Wouldn't that be sweet!

BTW, the girl in this picture just wiffed out. She was a good player though, and was an asset to her team.

Hey, Jesus didn't win everybody over, either.

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