Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Good Samaritan

I know you're probably sick of this parable, but I saw an episode on 60 minutes that put new life in an old parable. First, read Luke 10:25-37.

The story in 60 Minutes is called The Bad Samaritan. The story is about a young man named David Cash. Back in 1997, a 7-year old girl was at a casino in Las Vegas with her father. When the little girl went into the bathroom, she was followed by 18-year-Jeremy Strohmeyer. David Cash looked around for his friend, Jeremy. The only place he could have gone was the bathroom. Since it was after midnight, there was no one around. David went into the ladies room. David stated that Jeremy and Sherrice were playing around then Jeremy snatched little Sherrice and pushed her into a stall and put his hand on her mouth. David said he stood on the toilet in the next stall, and tapped Jeremy on the head to get his attention. David said that Jeremy's eyes were dazed and so he left Jeremy in the stall with his hand over little Sherrice's mouth. Jeremy and David later met up and went to other casinos. Jeremy later confessed to David that he'd killed the girl. David never called the police.

The crime is reprehensible.

But for this posting's purposes, I'm interested in David Cash's conduct.

How is what David did, or rather not do, different from the priest who just passed by the victim who needed help?

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