Saturday, December 19, 2009

Advent Wreaths

All the previous pictures of Advent wreaths are drawn. This picture is real. It's too real. It's my Advent wreath. :-(

Life isn't perfect; that's for sure. This Advent wreath tells a tale of woe. The original wreath was a metal circle with four candle holders attached to it. When I took it out of the attic. It was broken. One of the candle holders was broken off.

Read Proverbs 16: 1.

So my plans for the wreath were sidelined. I had to do something. So I found 4 candle holders and put them around a little green wreath. Some of the candle holders are tall, some not.


It's an Advent Wreath. :-p

Read Psalm 33:11 (32)

Usually, the candles last all four weeks. But these candles are real, unlike the ones I've used for pictures in the previous postings. They're too real--they're burnt down to stubs. There's nothing left for Christmas.

Read Matt 7: 1-2.

I tried. Besides, appearances aren't important. It's the intention that counts.
We pray the Advent Wreath prayers. We are waiting for the birth of Christ.

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