Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Hard But Right Way

After every Arise Session, we have had a different event to celebrate the completion of another successful Arise season. We've had collations, Masses, and a breakfast. This time, we're having something really special, and not only for Arise participants and their families, but for the entire parish. We'd like to spread our joy!

We would like all Arise groups and their families and friends to come to the musical presentation of the Hard But Right Way. This is a dramatic and musical presentation of John Runyan's classic Pilgrim's Progress. It's an inspirational story that will touch your heart and is excellent for ALL ages. The production company is a Christian rock group that has performed for all age groups including some correctional facilities. They are from the New York City area and typically perform "The Hard But right Way" to packed audiences. They have received wonderful reviews and we are very pleased to present them to Franklin.

Tickets cost $ 20 per family. If the cost poses a hardship on a family, the fee will be waived. Also, single people can bring friends and that's considered a family. An Arise group is a family. If you want, come alone and you'll be charged just $ 10.00.

The HARD BUT RIGHT WAY -- Saturday April 10, 2010 -- 7:30 PM St. Mary's Church

Tickets Available from Arise Team Leaders, St. Mary's Basketball Coaches and the Rectory.

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