Saturday, January 17, 2009

Arise Posters

The Arise Team made posters up from the comments expressed on the evaluation forms from Session I Arise Together in Christ, "Encountering Christ Today."

This is all in preparation for Session II 's, Sign Up Sunday, February 1, 2009. Session II's theme is "Change our Hearts."

Top left is a picture of Ray Cadorette hanging a poster. Ray has done a nice job trying to co-ordinate some kind of program with the elderly and shut-ins of our parish. I personally was fortunate enough to be present when he presented the program to the residents at Forge Park Assisted Living Center. Ray is hoping to present a program to the residents after their monthly Mass.

Beside the picture of Ray is an example of one of our posters (I think that one is Ray's). This one happens to be inside the glass frame in the entrance, at the front main doors to the church.

The very top center picture is well.............let's give it the title: "How many Arise Team Memebers does it take to hang a poster?"

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