Saturday, February 28, 2009

Invitation to Act

There's a section in every chapter of the Arise workbook called "Invitation to Act." This is about putting our faith into action. This is very important because " by itself, if it has no works is dead." James 2:17.

Where do we get ideas as how to put our faith into action? How come some groups find this easy to do, some don't, and some skip it? Hopefully, these ideas will be doable for you:

* Pay attention to the "small talk" before the meeting starts, the breaking open of our story,
the sharing, in the Scripture and subsequent faith-sharing, and the intentions when praying.
Listening is the key. You must listen carefully to the prayers of concern and petition, the
issues discussed, and the experiences shared. Our actions can come from what we pick up
here. The suggestions in the book are just possibilities and stimulation.

* Concerns that are articulated during the session can be raised and offer to pray. Follow
up with concern the following sessions.

* Our awareness of issues in the parish, community, and in the lives of one another is
a source for "Invitation to Act."

Following the session don't dwell on the issue whether or not I performed any actions. Rather, focus on:

* How was my faith impacted by what I did or didn't do?
* Was my understanding of God deepened?
* Was my understanding of others deepened?
* Am I progressing as a Catholic Christian?
* Remember, this is not about a check list, this is about personal growth.

May God bless your efforts.

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