Friday, February 20, 2009

Setting the Mood

You know how candle light and soft music will set the mood for a romantic evening. Well, here are some suggestions to set the mood for the Arise Together in Christ Session II meetings:

Week One--Crucifix, Bible, candle, ashes, old Palms, a backpack (Lenten journey), cactus (relates to desert from the Gospel)

Week Two--Crucifix, Bible, candle, an icon of the Transfiguration - there are royalty free images of the Transfiguration at or the mountain image that is the background for all the Arise books.

Week Three--Crucifix, Bible, candle, pitcher or clear bowl of water

Week Four--Crucifix, Bible, many candles, start by lighting one and light an additional one at each new sections of the session (from darkness to light)

Week Five--Crucifix, Bible, candle, stone on which you have written words like war, abuse, violence, racism, sexism, etc.

Week Six--Crucifix placed on a purple cloth, Bible, candle, an image/icon of Christ as High Priest on the Cross

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