Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More on taking home the Crucifix

The March 4th post talked about each person taking turns bringing a crucifix to their session. Mmmmmmmmmmm I think I have a couple of people in my group who don't own a crucifix. There must be others in other groups, also.

My solution is to bring one crucifix and have someone bring it home, each week--much like St. Mary's Vocation Crucifix. I have an interesting cross that my group likes and the taking home has been working very well.

The cross is old and well ugly. Maybe crude would be a better word. Ugly is fine because dying on a cross is ugly. The cross is black and about a foot tall. The corpus is metal. You can barely see the face on the corpus, yet it manages to convey agony. The eyes are just slits. There is a nose. It's the mouth that gives the face expression; it's open in an "O". It's poignant.

The left hand of Jesus has broken off its nail. But you can sort of clip it back. So essentially, you're putting Jesus back on the cross. The nail through the feet must have fallen out because the nail that's holding them there, now, is too long. That nail has been bent down so that it's not protruding out. Yet, be careful when you pick up this crucifix, because you'll get stabbed by that nail. How apropos!

I've often thought of throwing it out. It's old and broken. But it has often been a means of meditation (after nailing the hand back on and getting stabbed by the nail through the feet).

I guess I'll keep it.

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