Monday, April 20, 2009

First Step in a Faith Sharing Session

There are four steps to a Faith Sharing Session. The first is a gathering/ice breaking/welcoming time. If its a first session, then introductions are in order. Other times, only new people have to be introduced.

Of course, we should always begin with prayer. Some people set the scene by lighting a candle, or having an open Bible on a table, or whatever the leader feels the group will be comfortable with.

Some small talk will relax the group and set the tone. If its the first session the conversation might be on some happenings in the parish, or the diocese. Maybe even commenting on politics. If its not the first session, then asking about whatever you talked about last week, is in order. "How your cold?" "Did you son come home from Iraq?" "How's your sister's chemo going?" "How's the situation at work?"

This step should take up about 15 minutes of time.

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