Monday, April 13, 2009

Five Elemlents of a Dynamic Small Community

Pope Benedict XVI has said that small communities are the way to evangelization. So if you're participating in Arise you are seeing what our Pope is talking about.

There are five elements to our groups:

Prayer: We emphasice the centrality of God's presence and power in the life
of each one of us.

Mutual Support: Fedelity to the Gospel is encouraged and members are challenged to support one another in their everyday lives.

Sharing: Members talk freely about God and about their life experiences
and together we work out ways how to connect faith to life.

Mission: Members explore ways in which they can evangelize--show witness
to their faith in word and actions. They commit themselves, individually or as a group, to specific works of charity and acts of justice within their small community, in the family, parish, workplace, neighborhood, and wider society.

Learning: Members gain an even fuller knowledge and understanding of the gospel, the Church and its teaching on faith and morals, and the relationship of that teaching to the circumstances of life.

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