Thursday, April 29, 2010

Captives in Anger

St. Thomas Aquinas says that honesty is being open to the truth. This idea was more or less the theme in my Study Group Tonight. We were discussing "forgiveness." We were honing in on what makes it difficult to forgive. And you know what I attribute the difficulty to be?

"Ego." Read Mark 11:25.

Yup. If you personally were hurt by someone, it is nigh near impossible to forgive. You really need the grace of God to forgive.

My brothers related many stories. Someone told one brother, "I hope you rot in hell." Another was told that he would never be forgiven. These victims feel deeply hurt (ego). It's ego that won't let you forgive.

Just try to give up "ourselves," and try to see the other point of view, is a start to forgiveness. Give up our egos and look at the other side. It's not about me, or us.

What if Jesus could never forgive Peter for denying him?

Come Holy Spirit enter the hearts of those hardened in unrighteousness. Mend with mercy those broken in spirit. Free the captives of anger. Awaken the repentance that restores hope. Grant the forgiveness that heals.

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