Sunday, April 25, 2010

Not to be Ignored

God calls each of us to do his work. You might as well listen to him in the beginning, and save yourself a lot of trouble because if you're needed, He'll get you.

Read the Book of Jonah. It's not long; you know the story anyway.

Do you think one of the reasons we don't undertake whatever God's will is for us, is because we are afraid we'd have to sacrifice what we possess? Is it all about money? It could be a job change. It could be a life change. Whatever we cling to obsessively is not going to be easy to give up. Even knowing, as Aquinas said, we can only find real happiness by serving the Lord, we aren't going to let go easily. Jonah learned the hard way. In the end he realizes that if he had done what God asked in the first place, he would have received many blessings. Jonah 2:8

After reading Jonah you'll see that ignoring God and doing things "your" way is not going to work. Obeying God is the only good way.

Francis Thompson is his poem, "Hound of Heaven" compares God to a relentless hound that will pursue you until He gets you. I prefer this verse:

No hound of heaven; rather playful kitten,
Scratching at the door--not to be ignored,
Circling feet, rubbing, caressing, tail high.
Alack! You have always been my Adored.

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