Friday, May 14, 2010


This is a very important reading. John 17: 20-26. I've heard it called the priestly prayer, probably because he was speaking to the apostles, directly.

Did you read it?

I bet you're scratching your head. Seems like double speak to me. Sorry, it does. But we get the point. Jesus and the Father are One. We are to be One with them.

It is a nice thought. Imagine being in unity with God.

Are you on Face Book? If so, look me up, I'll "friend" you. But look in the relationship status and see what some people wrote. Many priests, in fact
responded, in this manner. "In a relationship." I like that. We should all be in a relationship, especially with Our Lord. That means we have God's unconditional love in us.

Why do you think unity is so important to Jesus?

Think about how much God the Father loves Jesus. Consider what it means to have God's unconditional love inside you. His love should fill you up. In fact, it should overflow out of you, onto others. God is God and His love is overflowing.

God's overflowing love should affect your relationship with others. You will want to bring them to experience this overflowing love. You will want them to be One with Jesus and the Father and the Holy Spirit.

I think when you pray you will find yourself looking to heal a relationship. This is the idea. We all need to become One with God.

Pray about a relationship that needs reconciliation, or for someone to believe in Jesus and know that God loves them.

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