Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Cross

Read Luke 9:18-24

I don't know whether it was Ben Franklin, or my mother, who told me that God gives us our own individual crosses, made especially for us.  One's person cross is not an other's. 

There are many times when I've encountered a person with an illness, or in a terrible situation, or some other such horrific occurrence, and I've wondered how they could carry such a cross.  And then (in the few instances) when I've had the opportunity to talk to them, I see that they carried their cross well.  In fact, they'll turn the tables and ask me how I handled my illness, my personal tragedies, my situational woes, etc.  We wonder at ourselves, others, and how God matches our crosses to ourselves. 

Would we swap crosses with another, if we could?  Pretend.  So whose and what  would you chose?

Yeah,  I thought so.  God matches our crosses to us.

And believe this; you can turn your cross into a blessing.  You can use your cross to help others: in prayer, in emphatic overtures, in offerings. 

The Christians took the Cross--an object of shame and death, and turned it into a triumph--an object of hope and the Resurrection.

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