Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Trying to be Serious

Do you remember as a child, having fits of laughter, especially in places where you were suppose to be quiet, i.e., study hall, library, church (God forbid)?  Does that ever happen to you as an adult?

Not quite.  The fits have matured.  I'm having one tonight.  You have to read Luke 7:36-50.

For some reason, I can't get into this story.  Everything strikes me as "hifreakinlarious."

  1. How did the sinful woman get into the Pharisee's house?  Was she there all along?  Didn't anyone notice?  Did she crash the party?
  2. The Pharisee asks himself, "If this man were a prophet..."    Does he think prophets predict the future?  No wonder no one listened to the prophets.
  3. If the sinful woman came prepared with jars of ointments, how come she forgot a towel?  There are times when I've been in restrooms where there are no towels.  Not once, never, ever, did it ever occur to me, to wipe my hands on my hair.  Furthermore, I don't think hair is a very effective drying agent.  Why didn't she use her skirt like a normal woman?  Didn't they use napkins, back in the day
I know.  I'm bad.  Time for a visit to my Spiritual Director.  Lord, help me.  But I do realize that this Reading is about love.  This sinful woman (Mary Magdalene?), must have loved Jesus very much.  And Jesus proves that He loves us, by forgiving her, her sins.  He uses the woman's sinfulness as an opportunity to show us His great mercy.  We learn the true meaning of mercy when we are forgiven, even though we don't deserve it.  We don't earn it; it's freely given.  Jesus tells us that our faith will save us.

Can't help wonder if she also gives manicures, along with the pedicures.....

h/t to Kat

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