Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Do you like parables?  Do you like poetry?  Fables?  

You either do, or you don't.  If you like allegory, allusions with multiple interpretations, and metaphors, then I bet you do like parables.  I admit, most of the time I do.  I find the agrarian parables frustrating though, because I can't relate.  And..

(Read Matthew 20: 1-16) is downright infuriating to me, as a Union member.  In fact, what Jesus does is against our law.  A Union steward would slap Jesus with an unfair labor practice grievance faster than he can hire those union busting 11th hour workers.  Just imagine, they don't know what the job is, no training, nor time to train them, no experience whatsoever, and they get paid the same as the first hires.  Ask Jesus to define "seniority."

But that's not the point, is it?  Jesus is speaking allegorically.  This parable is to give us hope.  Jesus is all merciful and will take even 11th hour conversions into His Kingdom.  I won't question my Lord.

We have the vineyard representing our world, and the labors are Jesus followers.  Unfortunately, it's a non-union shop.    God is our benevolent employer.  He choses because He is generous to pay everybody the same.  Doesn't it occur to you, to not be so anxious to be one of the first hires, next time?  Yeah, slack off.  Take a nap, and on the 11th hour go apply for the job.

The trouble is, you don't know if God is going to offer the same deal, again.  So you're stuck being good all the time.

Mmmmmm.  I think I'll apply for the job of being an union organizer in heaven.  Equal pay for equal work.  No discrimination.  Affirmative action.  Collective bargaining.

What do you think of Amalgamated Workers in Eternity---AWE?

Awesome, no?

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