Saturday, July 10, 2010

You've Got a Friend

Today's Gospel was the familiar Good Samaritan story.  Read Luke 10: 25-37.

I've heard the excuses for the passers-by.  That a lawyer is a busy man.  He probably was rushing to court, or some other  time sensitive appointment.  That the Levite can't touch blood.  If he's on his way to services, he'd be unclean.

They both could have intended to get help when they got to town.

That's probably how they assuage their consciences.  But those excuses won't wash.

You're still putting yourself in front of your neighbor's needs.  But...but...but--they don't even know the guy!  So, who's your neighbor?

That question was originally asked in  Genesis Chapter 4 Verse 9.   Read it.  The answer is Luke 10: 25-37.

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