Saturday, August 28, 2010

Teaching Etiquette

My neighborhood is one of the best places to bring up a family.  It's a quiet, away from the center of town, pretty development.  That was a major factor in my family's decision to buy the particular house that we still inhabit.

Another plus was the fact, that two little girls lived next door, who were just about the same age as my daughter.  And for the most part, this worked well.  They were friends.  Even to the point of a path being worn in the grass between our two driveways.

There was however, one incident, that made this over-protective mother, seethe.

When my daughter had a birthday party, there were (And I contend still ARE), certain obligatory guests that you just have to invite.  I consider this "etiquette."  Besides family, you have to invite certain people.  In that category, I would include friends, people who always invite you to their parties, people who would be "hurt" if not invited, and then, you can invite whomever you want.  We always adhere to this rule.

I made sure my children invited their cousins, friends, and children who sat around their desks at school-- because everyone would be talking about the party, and we didn't want anyone to feel slighted.  We didn't forget our neighbors and those who had invited my kids to their birthday parties.

This is a parent's duty--to bring up thoughtful, caring, polite children, who mind their manners.

Then came the day, when I noticed my child's dejected face looking out the window, at the birthday party for the little girl next door.

Read Luke 14: 12-14.

What was Jesus thinking?

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