Thursday, September 9, 2010


If you have ever belonged to a Labor Union, and been part of the collective  bargaining unit, then you'llunderstand where this post is coming from.

Read Exodus 32: 7.

Moses is the mediator.  Typical of membership, they just don't appreciate the hard work their contract negotiators have done for them.

Read Psalm 106: 5.


Ingrates!  How would you like to be the Israelites steward?  Hey, they pay their dues, you have to advocate for them.  Although, you would like to say, "Fire the SOB," but you don't.  Neither does Moses.  He's excellent: calm, cool, collected.  Moses negotiates a deal.  Rather, he dusts off the original covenant.  Smart guy this Moses.  Luckily, the management Moses is dealing with never tries to screw you.  God doesn't go back on His Word.

I was thinking of hiring Moses when I stand at the pearly gates.  But then I thought better of it.  I know someone even better than Moses.  Read 1Timothy 2:5.

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