Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Got Questions about the Arise Program? We’ve Got Answers!

Q. I didn’t join ARISE last year….can I still participate in Season 3? 
A. Absolutely! Each season stands alone.

Q. I’m not much of a church-go-er; I don’t know much about the Bible, would I feel out of place in an ARISE group?
A. Not at All! Each group reflects a beautiful variety of people at all different places in their lives.

Q. I’m in my 20’s (or 30’s), isn’t this kind of thing just for older people?
A. No Way! God doesn’t discriminate by age, gender, culture, race, or for any reason.

Q. It runs for 6 weeks…what if I can’t make them all?
A. No Problem! Life happens; do what you can.

Q. Can I pick my day and time?
A. Yes! There are many choices of days and times.

Q. Can I request a particular facilitator or group?
A. Sure!

Q. Can I host a group in my house even though I ‘m not the facilitator?
A. You Bet!

Q. I don’t like to talk in groups. Would I feel awkward?
A. No! Many participants were relieved to discover that they could talk or not according to their comfort level.

Q. Why would I do this?
A. Why wouldn’t you?

Created by St Agatha Team Milton, MA

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